The typical enterprise experienced nine social media incidents, such as employees posting confidential information publicly over the past year, with nearly all suffering negative consequences, according to poll by Software security firm Symantec.

About 94% of the incidents are suffering negative consequences including damage to the organisations’ reputations, loss of customer trust, data loss and lost revenue.

The 2011 Social Media Protection Flash Poll revealed that social media is pervasive within the enterprise, and IT departments have good reason to be worried.

The risk of publishing confidential information on social media platform increases as organizations are increasingly sharing business related information on these to communicate with customers, partners and employees, the poll said.

The Symantec poll found 82% of enterprises are at least discussing implementing archiving solutions to collect, preserve and discover sensitive business information transmitted through social media, along with other measures such as establishing social media usage policies and employee training programs. To read the rest of the article, please click here.