Crime Insurance

Crime insurance protects companies from the loss of money, securities, or inventory resulting from crime. Crime insurance is purchased by companies to cover acts of employee dishonesty.

Although many companies have internal controls to prevent employee dishonesty, they are not foolproof. Most companies uncover occupational fraud either by accident or by tips from employees, customers, vendors, or anonymous sources. Usually, these acts are discovered too late, and the costs associated with embezzlement or employee theft are significant.

Claims can arise from employee dishonesty, forgery, computer fraud, and theft. Some examples of claims are:

  • An employee uses a company credit card to purchase 35 expensive laptops. The employee resigns, and the company cannot locate any of the laptops three months later.
  • A supply company for retail stores reported three instances in which products were missing. The retail store reported missing supplies to the supply company. After an investigation, the driver and supervisor confessed to the three thefts.
  • A job foreman is given a company credit card to handle miscellaneous purchases. The foreman uses the credit card to buy fixtures for his personal residence.

Please contact INSUREtrust for assistance with your particular crime insurance needs and questions.

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