Cyber Liability Coverage

A company’s networks carry a unique loss potential. The potential exists for hackers/crackers, viruses and malicious code to cause damage throughout the entire virtual enterprise. The damage to your own computer system can also have a dramatic impact on your corporate stakeholders.

The company may experience direct damage (First Party) or liability claims (Third Party). In either case, the security breach in your system may cause untold damage to others linked to your system who depend on your stability.

If your system becomes the point of compromise, you have a fiduciary responsibility to protect your corporate stakeholders at all cost:

  • Customers – If your company releases sensitive customer information, how can they be damaged? What will be the impact on your relationship going forward.
  • Suppliers/Vendors – If a hacker uses your system to attack your supplier, how will they respond? Will they initiate a retaliation attack? How will the relationship survive?
  • Executives/Board of Directors – What will be the cost of embarrassment and humiliation to your board of directors and corporate executives? How will they shoulder the responsibility for e-business interruption?
  • Shareholders/Investors – if your e-business fails, how will your shareholders and investors respond? How could your e-business activities harm the trust between you and your financial backers?
  • General Public – If users on your system send out malicious code, what will be the impact on the rest of the Internet? How could your e-business activities harm innocent users in your country and around the world?

It is no longer enough to think about cyber risk management after the fact. INSUREtrust serves to protect corporate stakeholders from cyber liabilities.

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