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Free Security Services to Help Manage Your Cyber Risks

Your business is a potentially lucrative target to hackers. Its computers, servers, and cloud accounts contain information valuable to cyber thieves – account numbers, personally identifiable information (PII) on employees and customers, trade secrets and other intellectual property, employee information, etc.

ASSUREtrust CyberSecure is our no-cost way to make your company better aware of the cyber threats you face and to equip you with simple tools to potentially mitigate your cyber risks.

There are several components of the free, results-oriented program:

One phishing test for all your employees. Through our vendor partner, ThreatAdvice, you can send up to 500 employees an email message mimicking real-world malicious messages. Results will indicate the likelihood employees could fall victim to a phishing attack – inadvertently letting hackers into your network.

Email exposure scan. Cyber criminals can use publicly available information about your employees to launch successful phishing attacks. ThreatAdvice will scan social media sites and other sources to calculate your risk levels.

Security self-assessments. Four modules are available to evaluate your security status: Cyber Security, PCI-DSS (for any business collecting payment card information), CCPA (for businesses with customers in California), or GDPR (for businesses with customers in the EU). Each assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete, and you’ll receive an easy-to-understand report.

Posture Assessment and Vulnerability scanning. Our partner Tracepoint provides a pragmatic approach to help you understand the security posture of your organization. The assessment is conducted by a CISO and can be initiated by an introductory call. Tracepoint will also scan up to three external facing IP addresses as part of the assessment, which can point out potential holes in your security that hackers could exploit to infiltrate your systems.

Ongoing, monthly cyber monitoring. View your overall cyber risk score, provided by our partner FortifyData, as well as more granular information such as the number of your infrastructure and application vulnerabilities. Available only to policyholders of a yearly premium of $10,000 or greater.


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