INSUREtrust has just released its Premium Indicator application for the iPhone. In what is believed to be a first-of-its-kind mobile tool in the cyber liability industry, the app generates a range of potential premiums for two deductible amounts, after users answer five simple questions. The entire process can easily be completed in one minute.

The Premium Indicator app is a powerful and convenient tool for independent insurance agents to use in the field or at the office, as it enables agents to give clients immediate, preliminary cost information. The ability for an agent to acquire this kind of data at the client’s business location is revolutionary. Proprietary figures generated by the app will give agents that work with INSUREtrust a competitive advantage in the fast-growing cyber liability insurance market.

“[The app] will provide valuable resources to our independent agents who are at the forefront of delivering cutting edge cyber liability insurance protection to their clients,” explained INSUREtrust President Steven Haase.

The app is intended for use only by licensed insurance agents, and is valid for companies with yearly revenue of $1-35 million. The figures generated are not a guaranteed premium, but an estimate. To get a firm quote, agents will still need to complete a full application.

INSUREtrust will be rolling out other iPhone apps over the next few months, all geared towards making the cyber liability sales and service process easier and more efficient for independent insurance agents and their customers.

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