It’s amazing what kind of information about you is floating around in cyberspace:  Your bank account numbers, financial transactions, medical records, and other details of your personal life that you trust is being kept private.  Perhaps for the most part, only approved eyes see it.

Add to these files the less secretive details you announce to friends and family via Facebook, Instagram, or other social media outlets, and it’s easy for a hacker to know far more about your life than you might suspect.

Yes, it’s downright scary to think of what can happen if even some of this data gets into the wrong hands.  And everyday, hackers intercept loads of confidential information that can wreak havoc on the victims’ lives.

A federation of Belgian financial companies, known as Febelfin, created this very clever video to demonstrate the astounding amount of detail that can be discovered about individuals online.

The lesson for businesses that possess Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other types of sensitive data on clients is that they must be ever vigilant to have any chance of protecting their data from the bad guys.  But the cyber criminals are smart, sophisticated, and well funded – the likelihood is that eventually, someone will digitally breach the sensitive information.  And it could be your sensitive information.