Smart phones present all kinds of security challenges for organizations, as data can be stolen from them and criminals can use them to capture and transmit private information. Jackson Health System in Florida has decided to ban cell phone use by volunteers, after it experienced a data breach in 2012 at the hands of a volunteer who took photos of patient records and then used the information – including Social Security numbers – to file fraudulent tax returns.

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By , January 15, 2013. Follow Marianne @HealthInfoSec

As the result of a recent data breach, one Florida healthcare organization has now banned the use of cell phones by volunteer workers. Was this a proactive measure or an over-reaction?

Security experts say the case spotlights some of the delicate patient privacy considerations healthcare providers need to balance when dealing with security and volunteers.

The 2012 breach at Jackson Health System involved a former hospital volunteer who used his cell phone to take photos of 1,000-plus patient records. The volunteer allegedly sold the information, which included Social Security numbers, to another individual who used the information to file fake tax returns.

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