Hackers are smart and clever.  They have to be to undo the intricate security measures many businesses put in place to protect proprietary and customer data.  A prison in England discovered this fact first hand when it allowed an inmate who had been convicted of a hacking crime to enroll in an IT class.  The prisoner used the class as an opportunity to hack into part of the prison’s own network!

Article Excerpt:

A UK hacker behind bars for computer fraud hacked into his prison’s computer system during an IT lesson.

Nicholas Webber, 21, of Southsea, Hampshire, was able to access the network after being allowed to join the jail’s technology classes.

Webber was sent down for five years in May 2011 for masterminding the infamous GhostMarket.net cybercrime marketplace. Fraudsters used his website to trade stolen credit-card details. GhostMarket, one of the biggest underground bazaars of its type with 8,500 members, even offered tutorials on identity theft for inexperienced and wannabe criminals.

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