Can you explain an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)?  Probably not, if you’re like most folks.  But you should at least know what an APT is if you are even remotely responsible for your company’s data security, because it is one of the techniques hackers use to break into networks.

Hackers have to be patient to carry out a successful APT over time, but the payoff for them can be huge if they can actually breach the targeted network.

Article Excerpt:

Cyberattacks on high-profile companies are becoming an increasingly common occurrence. Most recently The New York Times fell victim to a specific kind of attack: Advanced Persistent Threat, or APT.

APTs are unique in that the perpetrators usually have longer-term objectives. Once hackers launch an APT attack, the goal is to remain in the breached network for as long as possible, siphoning sensitive material from the company in a continual loop until being discovered and fully removed from the system.

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