Hackers are sometimes not after just your data, but also your social media accounts.  But there are several things you can do to lower the chance of having your Facebook or Twitter account hijacked.  For example, limit the number of employees who have access to the accounts to a minimum.  Also, register for the accounts using a non-company email address as your user ID.

Article Excerpt:

In the past few weeks, we have seen news stories about Twitter accounts of large organizations being hacked on a regular basis, especially targeting news organizations: the Associated Press account was hacked in late April, along with those of 60 Minutes and 48 Hours (both CBS properties); the Syrian Electronic Army got into the Onion account in early May; and now Sky News just saw its Twitter account compromised as well. There are several reasons why bad guys would want to target news media accounts – they are followed by millions of people, and they often have many people who access the accounts, allowing reporters to post breaking news. But any company with a strong media presence is vulnerable, and we certainly saw cases from all industry types where accounts were compromised and false information posted.

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