There is now an online service that can produce counterfeit personal documents such as driver’s licenses or passports, which cyber criminals can use to impersonate you online in order to gain access to bank accounts and other sensitive accounts.

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A new Web-based service for cybercriminals automates the creation of fake scanned documents that can help fraudsters bypass the identity-verification processes used by some banks, e-commerce businesses, and other online services providers, according to researchers from Russian cybercrime investigations firm Group-IB.

The service can generate scanned copies of passports, ID cards, and driver’s licenses from different countries for identities supplied by the service users, fake scanned utility bills from various companies, as well as fake scanned copies of banking statements and credit cards (as shown above) issued by a large number of banks, said Andrey Komarov, head of international projects at Group-IB, via email.


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