A company that brokers reservations for limousines and other upscale private transportation options, CorporateCarOnline, was recently hacked, and the cyber bandits made away with a gold mine. According to Krebs on Security, which broke the story, over 850,000 customers, including celebrities and big corporation CEOs, were among the clients whose credit card numbers and transportation records were stolen.

Details in the data are definitely more interesting than that of usual hack. Information on the comings and goings of Donald Trump, Tom Hanks, LeBron James, and others were uncovered, though some of the information was several years old. Lawmakers’ travel plans were exposed too, which could constitute a national security risk.

In addition to routine travel notes, the data also contained salacious details about drug use and sexual activities in the limos.

Of the credit card data compromised, about 240,000 were high- or no-limit American Express accounts. These types of accounts bring a premium when the hacker who has stolen them sells them to other criminals. Interestingly, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the tech expert that discovered the breach said there is no evidence yet that the stolen credit cards have actually been used.

Another cyber security expert told the Journal Sentinel that even several weeks after the hack was revealed, CorporateCarOnline’s web site was still running some outdated software known for vulnerabilities.

The same server housing data stolen from CorporateCarOnline also contained ill-gotten information from data breaches against Adobe, PR Newswire, and many other firms.

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