Google is offering prizes totaling $2.7 million for a hacking contest it will sponsor in March at a Canadian security conference, for any entrants that can hack into Google’s operating system, Chrome OS.

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Google yesterday said it would again host its Pwnium hacking contest at a Canadian security conference in March, putting $2.7 million at stake to draw out researchers who can hack its browser-based operating system, Chrome OS.

Dubbed Pwnium 4, the challenge will again pit researchers against Chrome OS, but this year will let them choose between Intel- or ARM-powered laptops. In 2013, hackers had to try to crack a Chromebook with an Intel processor.

Prizes of $110,000 and $150,000 will again be rewarded to individuals or teams who can hack the operating system, with the top dollar handed to those who deliver an exploit able to persistently compromise an HP or Acer Chromebook — in other words, hijack the device so that it remains under their control even after a reboot.

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