Ten employees of Boston University had their paychecks stolen after cyber criminals got access to their user names and passwords and changed the accounts connected with their direct deposits. Law enforcement officials believe the employees were victims of phishing.

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Internet scammers stole monthly paychecks from 10 Boston University employees last month after obtaining the workers’ user names and passwords and rerouting their direct-deposit payments, officials said.

Access to work-related accounts of another 68 university employees was obtained by an outside computer using suspicious Internet protocol addresses, but officials said they do not believe that sensitive information of those workers was compromised in the breach.

Campus officials said the FBI is investigating the case, along with similar cases reported recently at several other unspecified universities, according to BU’s news website, BU Today. No suspects have been identified, said Detective Lieutenant Peter DiDomenica of the BU Police Department, which is aiding the federal investigation.

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