INSUREtrust is pleased to announce a specialized cyber policy just for attorneys. The new coverage program, called SafeLaw, has a streamlined application of only seven questions.

Law firms have all sorts of sensitive client information stored in their networks – financial statements, business contracts, divorce decrees, etc. It’s easy to imagine how cyber criminals could wreak havoc on clients whose data they steal – from identity theft to blackmail to corporate spying.

Attorneys need cyber liability insurance. In 2011, there were 80 reported cyber incidents at law firms, at an average cost of $7.4 million per incident. That kind of loss is painful for a large firm, and potentially devastating for a small one.

With SafeLaw coverage, your firm has a flexible Difference in Conditions structure that can be primary, excess, or co-primary depending on your Lawyers Professional Liability (LPL) coverage response. So where there are cyber coverage gaps in your LPL policy, SafeLaw can fill them.

SafeLaw offers liability protection for confidentiality or privacy breaches and for publishing and advertising errors and omissions, restoration expense coverage for damage to the firm’s data or software, loss of income coverage due to computer system downtime, and incident response coverage for remediating a cyber incident.

The policy covers the law firm’s data, whether it is stored in house or in the cloud.

Should a breach occur, SafeLaw provides incident response services specialized for law firms, including an incident response advisor versed in the unique ethical and malpractice issues facing attorneys.

SafeLaw features duty to defend liability coverage, no sub limits on coverage, no time deductible, and no professional services exclusion.

Cyber criminals are hacking into companies of all sorts every day, and law firms are discovering they are not immune. Don’t let a cyber attack throw your legal practice into disarray and financial uncertainty.

Applying for SafeLaw coverage is simple, easy, and quick. You will receive a rate indication within 24 hours of returning the signed application.

INSUREtrust has been specializing in cyber-related insurance since 1997, and we navigate agents and their clients through the intricacies of this coverage every day. Right now, the cyber insurance market is soft, and rates are very reasonable. We can help you get the protection your law firm needs.