Cyber Liability does not begin to describe the breadth of coverage actually available in a Cyber Liability Insurance policy. While coverage varies greatly between insurance companies, the best policies provide coverage for the direct, first party expenses essential to a company’s recovery from a network event or privacy breach.

First Party coverages include: Forensic Costs to determine the cause and extent of a breach or network event; Business Interruption Costs; Data Restoration Costs; Cyber Crime direct losses; Cyber Extortion threats; Public Relations Expense to manage reputational damage; Legal Expenses to determine notification requirements and letter content; Notification Costs; Call Center and/or Credit Monitoring costs.

It is important to review policy terms and conditions. Carriers typically cover direct business interruption and data restoration costs on an indemnification basis, while costs associated with a privacy breach are usually paid by the carrier on the insured’s behalf.

Many carriers limit the coverage for breach notifications and related expenses to a set dollar amount. Some carriers have moved to a notifications sublimit based on the number of affected records, allowing insured’s to be certain that adequate coverage limits are in place.

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