All the celebrations are over and the decorations put away, but new ransomware by the name of “Merry Christmas” was discovered last week. Unsuspecting victims are sent an email that appears to either be from the Federal Trade Commission or from a court, both saying the victim has violated a regulation or law.

When a link to the supposed referenced legal document is opened, it launches Merry Christmas and infects the computer. Not only does the malware encrypt the user’s data, but some versions also load another piece of software that can steal login credentials and turn the user’s computer into a “bot” for use in other cyber attacks.

As always, be extra vigilant when you get a suspicious email. And don’t click a link unless you are positive that it is legitimate. If you’d like a copy of INSUREtrust’s “IT Security Policy Guide” to help your business be cyber secure, just email us.

For more information about the Merry Christmas ransomware, we recommend this article from ZDNet.