March 25, 2021 – Atlanta, GA – INSUREtrust is excited to announce that it has teamed up with the cyber industry’s top risk  management firms to launch its exclusive innovation platform, the Cyber Secure Platform (CSP). This new platform gives INSUREtrust’s exclusive group of agents and brokers access to a multitude of specialty risk management and analytics tools designed to help navigate the cyber market while supporting both their current and prospective clients. As the cyber insurance market continues to harden, the CSP will differentiate INSUREtrust as a specialty broker who focuses  on cyber as a primary placement product. With the CSP, INSUREtrust is able to help its partners offer their clients an industry leading product that satisfies all three of the most common cyber insurance program requests: 1) A best-in-class product at  the most aggressive price point, 2) Education around exposure, coverage and limits, ensuring they are not surprised in the  event they file a claim that is either uncovered by their generalist program, or does not have enough limit to insure their cyber  risk, and 3) Creating more sustainable relationships with insurance companies by utilizing the tools to properly manage and  reduce risk. INSUREtrust’s exclusive broker and agent partners who qualify for access to the platform will make up an elite group referred to as the Cyber Secure Group (CSG). CSG members will gain access to a plethora of proprietary solutions – including proactive  services, analytics tools and education – that will help them differentiate their clients in the eyes of insurance companies. The new platform’s robust offerings will include multi-factor authentication solutions from a network of providers, as well as ransomware readiness, security posture assessments, O365 email assessments, and virtual CISO services from Tracepoint.  CSP will also offer endpoint detection, managed threat hunting and response solutions from Booz Allen Hamilton,  Crowdstrike and Tracepoint. Booz Allen Hamilton & Tracepoint will also offer War Games & tabletop exercises. Keeper will  be providing privileged access tools and Sollensys Corp is going to offer their blockchain archive tools for segmented backup  implementation. INSUREtrust’s new platform will also offer cyber risk quantification tools from CyberCube, data exposure quantification tools  from SecondSight and carrier agnostic cyber-risk monitoring and rating services from DarkCubed & FortifyData. CSG agents and partners will also be given access to Cyber Risk University, which is powered by INSUREtrust’s educational  services team, as well as security and privacy education and awareness training from Data Security University. Additionally,  they will have access to over 20 years of proprietary in-house analytics, in-house cyber claims team expertise, proprietary cyber products and ASSUREtrust’s external IP scans and employee training. Looking for access to this elite new platform? Contact your INSUREtrust broker today to find out how to become a member of  INSUREtrust CSG or visit https://insuretrust.com/csp/

About INSUREtrust

INSUREtrust, headquartered in the Atlanta metro area, is the insurance industry’s leading, specialty insurance brokerage  for emerging risks. In April 1997, INSUREtrust pioneered the Cyber Insurance Industry by manuscripting a unique policy  form designed to explicitly cover exposures associated with the internet’s emerging, digital risks. This would later become  known as the Cyber Insurance Industry. For the past 24 years, INSUREtrust has continued to lead the insurance industry  with their unique innovation and expertise focused heavily in cyber insurance and related risk management. INSUREtrust  is a subsidiary of Constellation Affiliated Partners, a New York-based insurance consolidator platform that specializes in  MGA, program administration and wholesale companies within the United States and Canada.

About Constellation Affiliated Partners

Constellation Affiliated Partners is a New York-based insurance consolidator platform that specializes in acquiring MGA,  program administrator, and wholesale companies in the United States and Canada. Constellation’s partners use a set of core values to evaluate and pursue strategic partnerships with companies that have demonstrated superior underwriting  principles and have earned a solid industry reputation. The diverse group of companies within Constellation’s portfolio  bring a vast array of insurance and re-insurance offerings to the North American marketplace.