INSUREtrust Announces Launch of Private Equity Division

June 12, 2023

INSUREtrust, a cyber insurance and risk management specialty broker within Starwind Specialty, today announced the launch of its Private Equity Division. This newly created business unit will be led by Executive Vice President, Florence Levy, who joined INSUREtrust in March 2023.

In an effort to address the challenges associated with quantifying digital, technology, and cyber risks, INSUREtrust has developed a series of tools, offered through the Private Equity Division, to support clients during the diligence phase of frequent merger and acquisition activity. The new division will provide a range of services, including due diligence, risk management, and insurance solutions for private equity transactions.

Building upon INSUREtrust’s 26 years’ worth of proprietary data and analytics, this division will also leverage third party vulnerability scanning, artificial intelligence digital asset quantification tools, and extensive expertise in the cyber insurance space to provide tailored solutions that address the unique risks faced by private equity firms. These offerings will play a key role in helping clients navigate the complex landscape of risk management and insurance for private equity transactions.

“We are thrilled to launch our Private Equity Division, which will bring differentiating tools to the marketplace,” said Christiaan Durdaller, CEO of INSUREtrust. “Through years of industry experience, we have identified a need in the marketplace for more forward-thinking diligence around cyber and digital risk within private equity. Gathering information can be challenging during transactions. Bringing relevant data to the table will allow us to support more comprehensive outcomes for our clients than have otherwise existed to date.”

INSUREtrust’s Private Equity Division will serve clients across all industry classes, including, but not limited to technology, healthcare, and finance, and will contemplate the needs of both portfolio companies and fund managers throughout the process.

“At INSUREtrust, we are committed to providing our clients with bespoke solutions and exceptional service,” added Durdaller. “Our new Private Equity Division is a testament to that commitment, and we believe it will be a game-changer for the industry.”

To learn more about INSUREtrust, visit https://insuretrust.com/

To learn more about the Private Equity Division, email PrivateEquity@insuretrust.com

About INSUREtrust

INSUREtrust, headquartered in the Atlanta metro area, is a leading specialty insurance brokerage for emerging risks. The business is a pioneer in the Cyber Insurance Industry as a result of its development

of a unique policy form designed to explicitly cover exposures associated with the internet’s emerging digital risks. For more than 26 years, INSUREtrust has continued be a leader in the insurance industry with its unique innovation and expertise focused heavily on cyber insurance and related risk management. INSUREtrust is a subsidiary of Starwind Specialty Insurance, a subsidiary of CRC Group.

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