To reduce the potential for loss, litigation, and damaged reputation arising out of the use of the Internet and information technology.

Our Core Principles:

  • Trust – We must be trustworthy to our customers and employees. We must communicate honestly and do what we say in order to earn trust. We must admit when we make mistakes or do not know the answer to a question to maintain trust.
  • Results – Producing results for our clients will enable us to build a financial base to reward our employees and stockholders. We are in business to produce results.
  • Ingenuity – We value innovative ideas of our employees, and we protect innovations by our customers. We remain innovative in responding to changes in our market.
  • Balance – To sustain our vision, we must balance our core principles. By doing so we create a unique culture that will stand the test of time.
  • Excellence – We are committed to improvement as a journey and not a destination. We expect to find better ways of doing business and meeting our client’s needs. In hindsight, everything we do today will have been improved upon.

Our Purpose:

  • Our purpose is to provide complete e-business risk management solutions and to be a primary resource for information-related risk management services and information.
  • Our primary goal is to raise our customers’ comfort level toward adopting network technologies that will enable innovative new e-business models.
  • Our chief task is to help our customers overcome areas of vulnerability and to provide financial recourse in the event of a critical information loss.

Specifically, INSUREtrust focuses on:

  • Protecting information assets by viewing the hardware and software as necessary tools for distribution and management of information. The data is what’s really important and we can protect the integrity and availability of our customers’ information whether it’s being stored or in transit.
  • Protecting intangible assets:
    • Reputation
    • Employee morale
    • Relationships with stakeholders(including customers, suppliers/vendors, executives/board of directors, shareholders/investors, and the general public)
  • Protecting our customers’ information assets and maintaining their ability to communicate trust, INSUREtrust reduces the overall risk profile for these critical intangible corporate assets.
  • Evolving e-business models by linking business processes to technology decisions. If we help our customers develop information technology plans that are consistent with overall corporate goals, then we can dramatically minimize the risk of financial loss.

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