Bruce Irvine

Congratulations to Bruce on winning the Cyber Risk Management Leadership Award, 2014-15!

Bruce_IrvineBruce Irvine
Vice President, Johnson and Bryan Agency, Atlanta, GA

Bruce is a dedicated risk management professional with over 34 years of commercial experience. Bruce has experience working in all sizes of insurance brokerages – small, regional and publicly-owned, international firms. The primary vertical market risks that he focuses on are education, real estate, hospitality, financial services, technology, food service, manufacturing, and non-profits, all of which have special cyber risk management needs.

He has a very long history of working with all types of technology companies. Many of his clients are involved in the most complex and cutting edge technologies. As such, many of these companies were early purchasers of cyber insurance and, therefore, Bruce became a pioneer in this field as well.
His long time experience working with technology companies has led him to write some of the very first cyber policies.

He is a graduate of Georgia State University with a degree in Risk Management.