Our mission is to simplify insurance for emerging risks. Since launching the first cyber liability policy in 1997, including 3rd and 1st party coverage, we have developed a very efficient process for our agents. It is not unusual for an agent to contact us and say “I need information NOW!” or “I need a quote NOW.” We can accommodate either scenario.

When an emerging cyber or technology risk lands on an agent’s desk, they have to find out the following:

  • What are the key exposures to loss that this company faces?
  • What carriers are likely to be the top contenders for insuring this risk?
  • How do I submit the risk for quotation?
  • Which insurance product am I seeking quotes for?
  • What is the current application form the insured should complete?
  • What special endorsements should I request?

INSUREtrust can respond to these requests with “Just In Time Information.” Just send us a website or basic information on the account such as:

  • Company description
  • Projected revenues
  • Limit options desired
  • Deductible/retention options desired
  • Special coverage concerns
  • Any questions you may have

Based on your needs and the information provided, the “Just In Time Information” can include:

  • The best application form to complete (or work off of any already completed application form)
  • A summary of the clients exposures and corresponding coverages/endorsements via a client risk digest
  • An estimated premium range
  • Actual claims examples
  • Sample forms
  • Coverage summaries
  • White papers explaining the risks
  • Case Studies
  • Coverage options and definitions

INSUREtrust has knowledge of the key coverage amendments that are available in the marketplace. We are able to tailor coverage via manuscript endorsement in order to further broaden coverage.

We expect to earn your business one account at a time. Please let us work for you to simplify insurance for emerging risks.

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