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INSUREtrust works exclusively with agents and brokers. As a national wholesaler, INSUREtrust specializes in Cyber Liability and Technology Errors and Omissions programs. Because our specialization allows us to access all available markets, we are able to offer agents and their clients a complete marketing solution for their risks.

By working with INSUREtrust, agents will benefit from:

  1. Access – INSUREtrust has access to all available markets for Cyber Liability and Technology Errors and Omissions, including those who only offer their products exclusively via wholesale markets. In addition, INSUREtrust maintains strong relationships with underwriters in key markets.
  2. Proprietary Forms and Endorsements – INSUREtrust has worked with carriers to develop a proprietary form and endorsements that agents can only have access to through INSUREtrust. Please contact us for more information on these products.
  3. Quick Turnaround – INSUREtrust works hard and efficiently to provide quotes in under 15 minutes (for certain exposures), and all other competitive terms are delivered within a week or less. Any quotes for excess coverage usually have a turn-around of one day.
  4. Expertise – The markets for technology errors and omissions coverage change very quickly. By specializing in these areas, INSUREtrust is able to keep up with the rapidly changing market appetites and forms to continue to offer cutting edge endorsements efficiently.
  5. Staff – Our senior and experienced brokers are able to quickly target the exposures and errors and omissions risks faced by companies. This allows agents to focus on “sales” and to take advantage of having a resource on-hand to manage the marketing process.
  6. Agent Support – INSUREtrust provides other resources that agents and brokers can take advantage of. These include:
  • Access to EmergingRisk
  • Sales tools to assist agents in communicating with their clients
  • Actual claims examples
  • Detailed coverage comparisons
  • Trends in specific industries and in verticals for emerging risks
  • A pathway to deciding which application form is needed for a particular risk

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