Small Business Program

(Less than $10mm in revenue)

In most cases, you can self quote!
Apps are short and easy to complete!

Download instruction sheet

Accountant, Architect, Charity, Consultant, Engineer, Home Healthcare, Insurance Broker, Lawyer, Physician, Real Estate Agent, School/College, Surveyor, and Therapist

• Instant quote on options of $1mm, $2mm, and $3mm.
• Includes policy limits for Privacy & Security, Media, Regulatory Defense & Penalties, PCI Fines & Penalties, Reputational Harm, Cyber Extortion, Business Interruption & Data Restoration.
• $1mm for Notification Costs (Outside the Limit of Liability).
• We are also offering an additional option for Cyber Crime to cover phishing attacks.

• Pre-priced Indication Sheet – CFC

• Cyber and Privacy Application Form for Professionals – CFC

Download instruction sheet

Wide Range of Industry Classes

• $500k, $1mm, and $2mm quote options.
• To bind, the insured simply must confirm all the Qualifying Conditions, and electronically sign and date the app. Upon receipt, we can bind and issue the policy assuming underwriter approval.
• Can be used to quote a very wide range of business classes and accounts with up to $100mm in revenues (although we recommend a full app for accounts with over $10mm in revenues).

• Interactive Application – Hiscox

• 7 question application
• Broad 1st and 3rd party cyber risk coverage built for law firm exposures
• Flexible D.I.C. policy form that dovetails with LPL coverage
• Specialized law firm incident response services

• SafeLaw Flyer
• Lawyers Application – SafeLaw

Download instruction sheet

Community Associations, Apartment Complexes, and Property Managers

• Can be used for accounts up to $5mm in revenues, and offers limits from $100k to $1mm.
• Includes policy limits for Privacy & Security, Media, Public Relations Expense, Regulatory Defense & Penalties, Notification Cost, Business Interruption, Data Restoration, Forensic, and Credit Monitoring

• HOA Application for NY – Great American

• HOA Application for All States other than NY – Great American

For any programs where you need a premium reduction or an admitted quote, contact John.  (We have a secret weapon!)
We can do a comparison against a quote you already have.
Questions?  Need help?  Call John Le at 770-200-8000 x112 or email him at jle@insuretrust.com.
For larger accounts, download our 2015 INSUREtrust Application.
Other Sales Tools:
What is Cyber Insurance?
Cyber Coverage Summary
Cyber Indication Form
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