Ransomware Attacks Targeting Manufacturers

A few years ago, manufacturers were thought to be low-value targets for cyber criminals, and not many saw the need to purchase cyber insurance.  “Traditionally, manufacturing companies are largely unregulated, and executives are often quick to say that they have...

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FBI Investigating COVID-19 Data Breach in South Dakota

Residents of South Dakota recently received a letter from the Department of Public Safety stating that they may have been affected by an information data breach on July 19 that targeted the DPS Fusion Center database used to share COVID-19 patient names and addresses...

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Walmart Allegedly Violates New CCPA Regulations

Less than a year since the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect, Walmart is being sued for violating the new data regulations. After an unspecified incident, cyber-criminals were able to access customers’ names, addresses, financial information, and...

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